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Orla Kiely is one of the UK and Ireland’s most successful designers – her stylised graphic patterns are innovative, influential and instantly recognisable. This new exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum explores the power of decoration to transform the way we feel. Featuring over 150 patterns and products, as well as collaborations with photographers, film directors and architects, Orla Kiely: A Life in Pattern emphasises the role of ornament and colour in our everyday lives. I was lucky enough to be invited to the press event and as a huge Orla Kiely fan I was really excited to see it. SPOILER ALERT – if you don’t wish to see any pictures from the exhibition then look away now! Orla’s work is inspired by the pattern of the 1950s and 1960s, by designers such as Mary Quant, Shirley Craven and Lucienne Day. I really enjoyed the exhibition and even got to meet the lovely lady herself. Thanks so much Fashion and Textile Museum for inviting me.

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So maybe this photo isn’t so political, but it’s definitely American. I love how that good ole home-on-the-range mentality is shown. The photo shoot is called Urban Cowboy and really has nothing to do with America, but of course the flag was thrown into the shot to offset that quintessential Western cowboy look. Steven Meisel shot this controversial Make Love Not War editorial. The message is pretty obvious. I’m not sure that it influenced people’s views on whether or not to end the war, but it did call attention to the matter, which is not something fashion is generally given credit for. Last but not least, the fashion world has been very involved in the Obama campaign. Sonia Rykiel and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac sent Obama-emblazoned looks down the runway, as did Nicole Farhi, while many famous names designed pieces to be sold in the Obama store. In addition, I quite like the Obama Baggu Bags. And of course, the fact that the candidate himself graces the cover of Men’s Vogue just goes to show that politics and fashion do, after all, mesh quite well.

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May also contain traces of mainstream. The purpose of this blog is simply to explore the world of alternative aesthetics, and to express my views on what is out there; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The blog does not reflect my personal style (unless otherwise stated) but aims for a wider point of view. I link all pictures to their sources for copyright reasons, not to promote nor advertise. Please, do not use my blog to advertise. When an item is “approved of”, it does not mean I recommend anyone to buy it or wear it, nor can I confirm the reliability of its manufacturer or retailer. Use your own judgement. If I went there, I’d be sitting here researching day in and day out. No criticism is pointed at any private person/s. It’s just fashion, people, nothing serious. I’m just a random fellow with a blog. I only post from commercial sites, that is to say, stuff that is on sale, not DIY projects. Updated 1-5 times per week. All questions and comments are welcome, either in blog or via e-mail. I do moderate comments, however, and while I encourage conversation and challenging my views, trolling and flaming are strongly frowned upon. Notifying of any broken pictures in old entries especially appreciated. Links get old and die, unfortunately.

@essentricjewels instagram Essentric Jewels #hotseller #jewelry #necklaces #fall2016 #accessories #FASHION #bodyjewelry #accessorize #selljewelry #jewelrystore - 웹Step 1: FINDING BODIES/POSES. The first and easiest thing to do is start collecting magazine tears, runway photos, catalogs, ect that have poses you’d like to use. I have a whole folder devoted to this so if I ever get bored and want a new croquis, then I can dig though and find a pose I like. Some of my favorite places to look: Runway shows, Lucky magazine, Vogue, and the Delia’s catalog. Step 2 : DRAW BASIC CROQUI. I would suggest starting with a very basic straight croquis. This is the easiest to work out quick sketches on (You can see that Jay uses a basic “standing” croquis in the “where are they now” section on “Road to the Runway”). Once you have that croquis, it’s easier to start sketching complicated poses with that as a basic shape, size, ect. Step 3: SKETCHING A FIGURE. These are the steps I use while sketching a figure, you might find a better way or want to skip a step, but bottom line, it’s all about sketching, sketching and more sketching until you get it right.

When I first started, I think it would take me a few hours to get one pose that I really liked, now I can usually finish them in 20-30 minutes. It’s all about learning the shapes and curves of the body. 1.I start by drawing a grid to keep the proportions and size of my drawing consistent. Start by drawing a vertical line, this is your plumb line (or gravity line). If you take a look, you’ll notice that you can draw a vertical line from the chin to at least one heel on almost every pose when they have an unequal balance on both legs. If they are standing balanced (as in my example), the plumb line will fall in between the feet. After this, I’ll draw a series of horizontal lines based on my straight croquis. These are at the top of head, chin, shoulders, bust, waist, hip, rise, knee and ankle. 2.The next step is to rough out the shape. I like to draw circles at all the joints and connect them with a series of lines for the legs and arms. The torso can usually be made of 2 triangle shapes pointing towards each other. 3.After that, I try to “flesh” out the sketch by tracing the pose underneath and start to round out the body. You might need to make your sketch a bit thinner than your photo in order to make it “fashion-y.” You can test it out and decide.

Green Light for Business is happy to welcome you to the event: “Fashion Revolution: green trends across the fashion industry”. The fashion industry has been an engine for global development, accounting for €1.5 trillion revenues in 2016, employing 60 million people along its value chain. However, pressures coming from scarcity of natural resources, raising costs of providing raw materials and social unrest are hindering this positive growth trajectory, forcing companies to rethink and redesign their way of doing business. It is not, or at least in part, about being environmentally-driven. Mostly, it is about being profit and risk-driven. As of today, the push for sustainability in the fashion industry is still relatively low. For businesses, acting differently than today and pursuing novel solutions offer an opportunity to maintain and ensure profitable growth going forward. If no action is taken, fashion brands will find themselves likely squeezed between falling average per-item prices, deeper discount levels, rising costs, and resource scarcity along the value chain. Incorporating sustainability into the business strategy will be the key competitive advantage to ensure future survival. At the event you will have the chance to meet 4 notable examples of companies building a business case for sustainability: from luxury bags, to technical apparel, to end with ecological and innovative materials. Changing the rules of the game will be no piece of cake. Are you up for the challenge?

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微信公众号:只谈时尚电商(id:fashion_guagua).In recent time we have seen many celebrities going for layer cut which is great and a hint that if you have long hairs get them layered. By adding a few basic layers , swing and bounce in hairs can be obtained. Shaped layers cut throughout the mid-lengths and ends is a great layered haircut for long hairs. If you have a larger forehead, you can even ask your stylist to cut some wispy bangs to make the look more trendy.Layered haircuts for long hairs with either straight or curly variations is a superb look. Smooth angles around the face seem to be the trend, with the addition of some very long trendy bangs. The texture of your hair plays a role in deciding the type of layered haircut for long hairs. Some layered haircuts for long hairs will give you unmanageable texture to play around with. Layered haircuts for long hairs are nice styles that offer you unlimited options and be on the fore front of fashion. Layered haircuts for long hairs are fancy and really suit women with an oval face.Women with straight long hair should definitely opt for layered haircuts. It would be best if you get a Layered haircut for long hair that has layers cut along the face. This will allow layers to frame your face nicely and give you a soft elegant look. Layered haircuts for long hairs are not only suitable for adult women but look great on teenage girls as well. Layered haircuts for long hair with fringes give a great effect and makes you look hot. The trend of getting Layered haircut for long hair is increasing.

One of the exercises is to define your style personality and I discovered that I was a mixture of several styles, though my main personality traits are relaxed. I do like many elements from the other styles, such as dramatic colours, creative jewellery and elegant chic textures. The style statement that I eventually decided upon, with the help of others in the group (especially Juhli!), is: Casual Chic with a dash of Colour and Drama. Does this outfit tie in with my style statement? The outfit shown above is definitely casual and I’d like to think it is chic as well. The bright pink colour adds a touch of drama as well as colour to my outfit. Although they’re not very clear in the photo, my toe nails are dark blue to match my necklace and bag. The length of the top and trousers aren’t ideal as they split my figure in half, however the white sandals help to compensate for that as they draw the eyes down. This may not be a particularly stylish outfit in the eyes of the fashion world, but this is me wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in and that I feel express my personality. When I went for a style consultation earlier in the year, Fiona and I agreed that I was a Natural Gamine. I have created a board on Pinterest reflecting this, however I now feel that there are other elements to add in as a result of embarking on the 7 Steps to Style. So far as my personal style is concerned, I believe that I now have the whole package. Once I have finished this new journey in style, I will post an update on here.

The Mehndi is a common median that has been proficient for a long time in the area of sub continent and still women feel affection for exceptional and gorgeous mehndi designs to apply at enjoyable events of their lives. One of the much-loved occasions when girls look for latest mehndi design is parties and weddings. Weddings particularly are the time when girls wish to look the superlative. Mehndi designs that presented in Mehndi Designs Magazine Gallery 2014 so startling that every girl will charm to have the same on her hands. The attractive designs are time consuming to create but the ending result will invigorate your feelings. You can apply these designs on back and front of your hands with the matching colors of mehndi with your skin. Some designs are simple but present an extraordinary sense at stunning hands of girls. Cute girls, women of older ages and Brides, can apply Mehndi Designs any of these designs without any bias. You will find the best ever collection of inspiring mehndi designs at Mehndi Design Book Pictures that updated with exclusive and astonishing fashion material.

What make Mehndi Designs Magazine Gallery 2014 henna designs diverse from other mehndi designs are its amazing layouts, rich design, and bold patterns. Mehndi has been a part of Pakistani traditions and custom since the times Arabians came to this land. Mehndi, also called henna is the chief factor of a woman’s apparel and style. Mehndi is not only flawed to hands but also feet and they make a woman look even more elegant and eye-catching than ever. Girls of young age in Pakistan like to wear flexible mehndi designs, having bright and light strokes. In addition, in Free Mehndi Design Book Pictures patterns and designs that more or less look like flowers and other related patterns. Most of the Mehndi Designs Magazine Gallery 2014 is quite elaborate and need a lot of accuracy, artisanship to lay them, but if when applies, and it dry, they bring out the finest look than ever. Keep visiting She9 to change your life style.

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other fashion or would simply like a copy of the original file, please contact me or email me first to ask. Please see the non-legalese usage guide forI’ve been working with my favorite for jewelry this week: gold. Or in this case, vermeil (24 karat gold layered over sterling silver) or 14 karat goldfilled. The bracelet that you see above is from my “Babylonian” collection. I call it that because of the bright gold, lapis, turquoise, and carnelian which all remind me of the Mesopotamian art from Biblical times. The gold used in those works of art, artifacts, and jewelry is as pure as it can be and still retain its shape so that it is a dark bright colour like vermeil. I also used a bit of wirework with 14 karat goldfilled wire for something just a bit different. I love the look of gold with gemstones although I know that sterling silver is what is currently in vogue. Of course, I’ve had to incorporate some of my favorite lampwork beads as well. To see this jewelry and more, go to Cluny Grey Jewelry or check for some on auction on Ebay under user id: chloemarie99 or do a search for Cluny Grey. Another jewelry blog: If you are interested in Jewelry (yes, with a capital “J”) check out Zsolt Balla’s blog Modern Jewelry from Budapest, Hungary. It has lots of information on jewelry and jewelry styles and fashions.

Fashion designers use drawing, painting, life drawing, silkscreen, and color theory, fashion and art history are some of the beginning requirements for any fashion design as well. Some designers work with patternmaking, sewing basics, advanced sewing techniques, and digital designing. All these teqniques require math! My purpose of showing this pictue of a simple (atleast it looks simple) skirt, is to explain that we go into a store and buy something. We don’t realize how much work it was to make the item. In this picture i want to show the pattern on the dress, the materials used to make it and the width and length of the material used to make the skirt. A fashion designer’s job can be hard. They help create billions of dresses, suits, shoes, and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by consumers. Designers study fashion and they do work on computers and train by hand as well. All the angles of math require arithmetic and math.

Math is used in Pattern design and drafting. Patterns are drafted using measurement charts and hard math. It’s not easy to turn something flat, such as paper or fabric, and make it into a three dimensional shape, the human body! Drafting is a sketch before the (real thing),uses percentages and ratios to calculate how much of a difference there is between sizes and where to add the difference. Those are the besics in math and fashion! On the home page to the right you will see a picture that shows a womans sizing chart. That looks like the picture above. All the content in the chart must be plugged into a fashion designers brain because this small chart holds all the basics to sizing or measuring a woman. To make the job even harder each person has a differnt size there for the mathematical equations are not the same, but the outline (this chart) is!

I love looking at the grittier side of the past, and not just the less that starlet quality fashions, but history and especially criminal history. Going even deeper into that branch of interest is women in crime, because it’s just not something you hear about too much. These Australian women were arrested between 1915-1930 when these photos were taken. Their crimes ranged from theft, prostitution, murder, swindling, and public drunkenness. The quality of these shots is incredible, many of the women have expressionless faces, but a few have a hint of a smirk or glare. Considering the poverty background of these individuals I wouldn’t be surprised if a mugshot was the only photo some of them would ever pose for. Of course the clothing also catches my eye, not just in an appealing way, but because they’re so riddled with imperfections. They’re not the beaded silk dresses and elaborate deco coats we’re used to seeing, they’re dresses are wrinkled, their collars wilted, and their furs worn.

When it comes to photographing, the golden rule does not apply to me: even though I’m always bugging people for a shot, I highly dislike being on the other side of the camera. When Alanna invited me to come to an illustration session with Josh Crow I said yes right away because I love his work, but deep down I felt a bit iffy about modeling. One click lasts a second and it’s already kind of a torture, let alone being observed for over half an hour. I think the reason why I dread photos is because I almost never like the results. With Josh’s illustrations it was quite the opposite: I wanted to become exactly like the fluid, elegant images he created. Plus the way he looks at you is totally disarmed and non-judgmental, which was very refreshing. And in the meantime hearing Alanna talk about her favorite designers was the perfect icing on my fashionable cake. Josh Crow is feautured regularly on Chicago Looks, check out his first column here. See more of Alanna Zaritz and Josh Crow’s fruitful collaboration in their blog, Drawn and Coutured.

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How Korean Fashion Is Made - 포토뉴스FashionHipHop has you covered! Literally . . . Gone are the days of standing in long lines and nonexistent customer service. FashionHipHop understands and respects that your days are packed with a million different activities, each of them requiring a different ensemble. Clueless when it comes to men’s fashion trends? Check out FashionHipHop’Now Trending section for a collection of the freshest graphic tees, laid-back hoodies, legit boardshorts, and tech-infused activewear. If you are a creature of habit and feel loyal to your tried-and-true basics, check out the Shop By Style section. This collection features the categories of the casual guy, curated gent, preppy scholar, collegiate jock, outdoor enthusiast, blue-collar worker, or career-focused young professional. Does your build and stature fit outside common sizing guides? Shop the Big & Tall clothing section and browse the latest styles. Keep your fashion game on point by switching up your style with the addition of destroyed denim, lightweight outerwear, printed flat front shorts, pique polo shirts, or even designer underwear. Remember, FashionHipHop is here to make your shopping experience for men’s clothing easy and stress free.

London 21st January 2015 – Unifi Communications announce the recertification of their Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization. Unifi Communications has yet again proved with this specialization, that they have the expertise to provide end-to-end collaboration solutions such as Business Edition 6000 while integrating infrastructure solutions such as routing, switching, wireless and WAN. The program prerequisites include stringent training and qualification tests that Unifi Communications have been able to fulfil yet again, thanks to their team of highly specialised and motivated engineers, pre-sales and account management professionals. Proving to be one of the handful Premier Partners capable of achieving the compelling standards set forth by Cisco to gain their Express Collaboration Specialization, Unifi Communications are entitled to design, deploy and support, industry-leading Cisco Collaboration and Networking Solutions. “Unifi Communications has an on-going investment in employees’ training, which we are happy to undertake and proves valuable to achieve the highest standards set forth by Cisco to obtain their certifications” comments Unifi Communications’ Managing Director Rob Coleman. “This award, is further evidence of our focus on Cisco Collaboration Technologies. Unifi Communications are a specialised team of professionals, providing industry-leading Cisco Collaboration such as Business Edition 6000 and Networking Solutions. They are also seasoned providers of Cisco phone systems, hosted solutions, wireless products and, Contact Centres and Video Conferencing. Their bond with Cisco also provides Unifi Communications with an award-winning partner program to deliver financial strength, technical support and an industry-leading portfolio of products to provide their customers with an unparalleled offer on the business phone systems market. Do You Know How To Communicate With People Effectively, Avoid Conflicts and Get What You Want From Life? Be Honest, How Good are Your Communication Skills? Can you imagine receiving a referral each and every day? Mastering Communication at Work is based on 45 years of research and working with over half-a-million clients around the world.

Fly which was the style in the 80s. Most of the airbrushing ideas came from music videos in the 80s. The airbrush on the overalls would mostly be on the pants leg area. Many of the hip hop music performers wore airbrushed clothes; this is what the people in the urban areas shared with the hip hop artist. There were many things that people wore that were airbrushed by an airbrush artist in their town. Nearly all age groups had to have custom made airbrushed clothing items. In the 80s there were teenagers wearing airbrushed clothes, infants, toddlers, and adults. It was one way for taggers to show their art work in a positive and constructive manner. Most 80s airbrush art was created by people that truly like to draw. There were many dance groups in the 80s as well, that got their clothing items airbrush with different colors of their choice.

Airbrush art were also wore by other people outside of the urban areas. It was a fun and creative way to wear artwork. In the 80s airbrushed clothing represented style and flavor of the hip hop music and the urban areas. The people that like wearing airbrushed art on their clothing would sometimes have airbrushed art of animated characters on their clothing items also; such as Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, Tweedy Bird, and others. The art of airbrushing ideas were endless in the 80s, people even got airbrush art painted on their cars. The airbrush art of the 80s came back in style after the 80s, and then it went back out of style. It seems that different states such as New York City will never let the art of airbrush painting go out of style. Actually in many towns the art of airbrushing will always be in style. Have You Wore Airbrushed Art Clothing Before? Shoe trends from the 80s will always come back in style. Also the fashion trends of the 80s will always come back in style, we see it in fashion today. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Lindsay, your correct. Airbrushing never is going out of style, it is a form of art and expression. I see still airbrush-stands set up at swap meets and mall stores. Thank you for your comment. 80’s (but that’s a good thing) with the birth of hip-hop, breakdancing, the big gold chains ect but as far as i’m concerned, it never really went out of style. Hi Ruby, Airbrush art painting is cool, thanks for commenting. That will be fun to see what is created with air brush art this time around.

I’ll kick off this blog with a summary of an experiment I’ve been trying; namely, to wear all of my work-worthy shoes, a different pair every day without repeating. Now, I own a LOT of shoes, and figuring out the best way to incorporate them all into different outfits was somewhat of a challenge. I managed to go an entire month of workdays without repeating once, which I thought was pretty impressive. I’ve been posting these on my Facebook page but finally decided to create this blog, so rather than go through each outfit description in exhaustive detail I’ll just recap them briefly. Week 1: The experiment kicked off on Tuesday, March 25 with a pair of blue t-straps by Paolo, followed by mary janes by Steve Maddon and John Fluevog, and my favorite pair of comfy boots from Bata. At this point I was also experimenting with the setup and settings on my camera, so the photo quality isn’t so great for some of these. I’ll go ahead and state right now that I’m a terrible bargain shopper, and rarely have any luck finding anything at thrift stores.

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in addition, several projects are in planning ability is moreThis post is for you! Street parking near the alley can be difficult to find, especially on weekends when it is the most crowded here. However street parking can be good and is usually more affordable if you only have a quick errand to run. If you plan to shop for a good part of the day (as most people who visit the alley end up doing!) we recommend you park in a lot. You don’t have to worry about your meter running out and racing back to add more time. Or worst, forgetting about adding time to the meter and getting a parking ticket. Some meters have restrictions regarding how long you can be parked at any give space. If you do opt for street parking, always read ALL the signs! Depending on the time of day and location, private lots can actually be more affordable than street parking, and they are definitely more affordable for all-day shopping trips. Pricing for parking will vary depending on location, day of the week, and time of day. Private lot parking rates are usually lower in the evenings. In our experience, we’ve also found that parking rates tend to be lower on weekdays as opposed to weekends. The parking lot’s proximity to the alley will also affect pricing. You can find a list of the nearby private parking lots here, and a general list of parking lots in the Fashion District here. Most importantly, bring cash! Most of the parking lots will be cash only!

As we know that Indian suits and frocks are popular all over the world. Muslim and Indian women would love to wear Indian suits and frocks as formal and party wear. For summer season, we are sharing latest Indian designer cotton suits collection 2014 by Zareen launched by Jinaam. This exclusive collection includes wide variety of Indian cotton suits 2014. All the Indian cotton suits are designed according to latest and current fashion trends. In these designer suits, high quality and best cotton material has been used. Now we would like to discuss the each part of this collection separately. Firstly, this Indian designer cotton suits collection 2014 consists of three piece suits i-e long shirt, dupattas and churidaar pajamas. Even, you will find frocks with churidar pajamas as well. Secondly, beautiful embroidery work has been work on all the cotton suits. Thirdly, these Indian cotton suits are attractive because of using bright and dark colors like green, brown, purple and blue. Overall, we can say that this collection of Indian designer cotton suits collection 2014 is traditional and elegant. In short, it is the combination of bright colors, unique designs, best fabrics etc. So, don’t waste your time and try out these cotton suits for your parties and functions.

Woman Wearing Blue Denim Button-up Jacket Under Heavy CloudsThis weekend I’m excited to be working alongside Mindy Weiss again and it occurred to me I have yet to feature the last party I worked on with her! I primarily live-sketch for fashion and beauty brands but from time I do do private parties and this lavish Beverly Hills bat-mitzvah was one of them. Weeks before the event I created a custom illustration of the bat-mitzvah girl to be used on small guest placards. About a week before flying out to LA for the event, Mindy called and asked if I could send the art high res so they could also have it printed on the dance floor. I said absolutely, as they purchased the custom illustration with usage rights for the party and could print it on any and all party pieces they’d like! But when I arrived and actually saw the sketch blown up to about 30 feet I was floored! I’ve never seen any of my art on such a large scale before and it was surreal. It was nearly impossible to event capture! The photo above was taken by someone atop a tall ladder and its hard to even make out the full image. She was utterly delightful to work with and get to know. Mindy joined me for dinner and we bonded over event stories and friends we discovered we had in common. I’ve been to my fair share of bat-mitzvahs but is one I won’t ever forget and I can’t wait to see what Mindy has planned for this weekends Manhattan fete!

We’ve all received (and given) bad gifts. A few months ago we put our lady on the street, Cary Randolph Fuller, to the task of producing a guide for girlfriends (or wives) buying for their men. After some discussion, Ms. Fuller decided that a chat with J. Crew men’s stylist Jack O’Connor would prove fruitful. Below are her words and an insightful (and demystifying) Q&A. Many thanks are due to Ms. Fuller. Cary: You’re at a J. Crew store, and you see women shopping with their boyfriends or husbands. What are some mistakes you notice? Jack: I definitely see that. The guy thinks he’s a boot-fit guy, and the wife or girlfriend seems to think, “Well, he’s a boot-fit guy. He’s never going to stop wearing boot-fit jeans so why bother looking for something slimmer or something straight? ” They think they can just narrow it down right off the bat and say, “Just show me your boot-fit.” I don’t think that’s a good call.

It’s not the most flattering cut on every guy. Even if he thinks that’s the only cut he can wear because that’s what his friends wear, and that’s what he’s worn for ten years. She should probably bring him in, have him try something on and see for himself. We always keep that in mind when we put certain things together in the catalog and we choose who to put it on. Some guys are afraid of “fashion” even those this isn’t really fashion. It’s more “style”. A lot of guys don’t want to look like they care too much. The idea of standing in a fiting room and trying things on and saying, “How does this look? ” I think maybe that experience is a little bit intimidating. When we’re choosing who to put it on in the catalog and even how to put it together, there’s always a piece of accessibility that’s really, really important. We try not to be too intimidating because that will turn a guy off.